How I turned $400 to $1,200

My husband and I have a three bedroom home. Last year we started renting out one of the rooms on Airbnb and we've really enjoyed it. We meet lots of great people and earn some extra income. We've recently decided to include the other guest room as part of the deal. We figured we can make double the money without increasing the number of nights we rent. Right now we've been booked every weekend and we occasionally get a mid week guest. Our second guest room was completely empty so the hold up was furnishing the space. We just got married so money was tighter than usual. I wanted the space to look and feel inviting but that's not cheap! I went on Amazon and tried to find the best products at the lowest prices.

Putting this room together cost around $400 which I know isn't something a lot of people have lying around. We put it on a credit card and hoped we'd make it back soon. Well, we have since booked $1,200 between May and July. So not only will we be able to pay back our $400 by the end of May, we've also profited $800. Now instead of renting out to groups of 2, we rent out to groups of 4. We have the option to decrease the amount of nights we share our home and keep profits the same OR maintain the amount of nights we share our home and double our profits. What would you choose?

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